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United States Fish and Wildlife Service
Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge

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Photo by Forest & Kim Starr
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Photo by Forest & Kim Starr

Kealia Pond is the largest lowland wetland in Maui and is a year round home to many rare and endangered waterbirds such as the Hawaiian stilt (ae'o) and the Hawaiian coot ('alae ke 'oke'o). During winter months, the pond swells, collecting runoff during large storms. During this time a multitude of migratory birds find refuge at the pond, including the Pacific golden plover (kolea) and the Wandering Tattler (‘ulili). It is also a nesting area for endangered hawksbill turtles (honu 'ea) and green turtles (honu) who lay their eggs in the sand just above the high-tide line. Volunteer opportunities include operating the visitor center, interpretation of exhibits, caring for native landscaping, delivering interpretive presentations, providing wetland tours for visitors, teaching children about wetlands and birds, removing invasive plants, outplanting native plants, native plant propagation, assisting with maintenance projects, assisting with bird recovery after catastrophes such as oil spills or disease outbreaks, assisting in research on aquatic pond life, and helping with the turtle beach patrol. For more information call (808)875-1582 or visit http://www.fws.gov/kealiapond/.

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