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Kaho'olawe Island Reserve Commission
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Photo by Forest & Kim Starr
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Photo by Forest & Kim Starr

The restoration of Kaho`olawe will require a strategy to control erosion, re-establish vegetation, recharge the water table, and gradually replace alien plants with native species. Plans will include methods for damming gullies and reducing rainwater runoff. In some areas, non-natives will temporarily stabilize areas before the planting of permanent native plants.  People interested in helping to heal the island can get in touch with the KIRC to indicate their availability for volunteer opportunities in the future.  WARNING! Kaho'olawe and its surrounding waters contain quantities of unexploded ordnance which are hazardous to public health and safety. Unauthorized entry onto the island of Kaho'olawe and into the waters within two miles of Kaho'olawe is prohibited. However, there are opportunities for access. To volunteer call (808)243-1276. For more information about Kaho'olawe call (808)243-5020, visit http://kahoolawe.hawaii.gov/, or visit www.hear.org/naturalareas/kahoolawe/.

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