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Iliiliholo Gulch Reforestation Project

Iliiliholo photo 1
Photo by Forest & Kim Starr
Iliiliholo photo 2
Photo by Forest & Kim Starr

The Iliiliholo Gulch Reforestation Project is:
  1. An experiment in whether a low elevation dryland forest that is self-sustaining can be recreated from scratch in buffel grass invaded habitat.
  2. A gene bank for rare native plants in Palauea that are being destroyed by development.
  3. A low-cost alternative to membership in a gym for physical training.
  4. Creation of a neighborhood forest park out of a weed-infested eyesore, providing a uniquely valuable asset to the housing development.
To learn more e-mail altenber@santafe.edu or visit www.dynamics.org/Altenberg/PROJECTS/GULCH.

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