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East Maui Animal Refuge

EMAR photo 1
Photo by EMAR volunteers
EMAR photo 2
Photo by EMAR volunteers
EMAR photo 3
Photo by EMAR volunteers

The East Maui Animal Refuge (EMAR) is a no-kill, all volunteer run, non profit, rehabilitation sanctuary for injured and orphaned animals who would otherwise die. EMAR is licensed by both the State and Federal Department of Fish and Wildlife to rehabilitate animals - including threatened and endangered species. For more information call (808) 572-8308; send mail to East Maui Animal Refuge at 25 Malu Aina Place, Haiku, Hawaii 96708; e-mail thebooboozoo@gmail.com; or visit www.booboozoo.org.


Pueos, a native Hawaiian owl that is endangered everywhere but on Maui. Maui has been an incredible success story for this species. These two Pueos were both hit by cars and their wings were so severely shattered that reconstructive surgery was not an option and partial amputation was necessary. Even though they will never be able to fly again, they will live happy lives in the aviary being entertained by the hundreds of other birds chaotically flying around.

Indigenous Wedge-tailed Shearwater. This picture was taken of when the bird was only a few days old. A tour boat operator found her floating off the shores of Molokini. When they brought her to EMAR she was a beneficiary of the amazing work that is being done to help the species and many others. Sylvan and Suzie mixed up a very healthy formula that helped her grow strong. They regularly exercised her wings with the hope that one day she would be released into her natural habitat. When they thought she was strong enough they took her back to Molokini but she just was not ready yet. A few weeks later they took her to Kanaha Beach. As you can see here in this picture she successfully flew off, looking back only to say "thank you."
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