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Tanacetum cinerariifolium
(Trevir.) Sch. Bip., Asteraceae
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Present on Pacific Islands?  no

Primarily a threat at high elevations?  yes

Risk assessment results:  Evaluate, score: 3 (Go to the risk assessment)

Other Latin names:  Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium (Trevir.) Vis.; Pyrethrum cinerariifolium Trevir.

Common name(s): [more details]

Chinese: chu chong ju

English: Dalmatian insect-flower, Dalmatian pyrethrum, pyrethrum

French: pyrèthre, pyrèthre de Dalmatie

Japanese: shirobana-mushi-yokegiku

Korean: jechunggug

Spanish: pelitre, piretro

Habit:  herb

Description:  "Caespitose, silvery-grey, sericeous perennial.  Stems 15-45 cm.  Leaves pinnatipartite, glandular-punctate; basal 10-20 cm, petiolate, lanceolate to oblong, the segments pinnatisect to palmatisect, narrowly lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate; cauline similar but shortly petiolate.  Capitula solitary; involucre 12-18 mm.  Ligulate florets white, female; ligules 8-16 mm.  Achenes 2.5-3.5 mm, 5- to 7-ribbed.  Pappus an irregularly lobed corona 0.6-1 mm (Tutin, 1964; vol. 5, p. 171).

Habitat/ecology:  "Pyrethrum is grown in northern temperate countries and tropical areas at higher altitudes. Plants are susceptible to frost. In Kenya, crops are grown from 1,800 to 2,700 m in elevation"  (HPWRA risk assessment).

Propagation:  Seed

Native range:  Balkans; also cultivated and naturalized (GRIN).


Pacific Rim
Country/Terr./St. &
Island group
Location Cited status &
Cited as invasive &
Cited as cultivated &
Cited as aboriginal introduction?
Reference &
Japan introduced
Mito, Toshikazu/Uesugi, Tetsuro (2004) (p. 189)

Control:  If you know of control methods for Tanacetum cinerariifolium, please let us know.

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