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Erythrina sigmoidea
Hua, Fabaceae
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Present on Pacific Islands?  yes

Primarily a threat at high elevations?  no

Risk assessment results:  Evaluate, score: 6 (Go to the risk assessment)

Other Latin names:  Erythrina dybowskii Hua; Erythrina eriotricha Harms; Erythrina lanata Taub. ex Gilg; Erythrina sudanica Baker f.

Habit:  tree

Description:  "Tree 3-6 m, or 10-20 m; stem armed with stout recurved prickles; bark brownish yellow or cream, thick and corky; branches grey-green, velvety pubescent" (African Flowering Plants Database).

"A small savannah tree, 10-20 ft. high, stems armed with stout recurved prickles; flowers red, in racemes nearly as long as the leaves.  Leaves, petioles and branchlets, densely tomentose; leaflets usually broader than long, 8-13 cm long, 9-15 cm broad, broadly cuneate at base, rounded, emarginate or mucronate at apex, sometimes with prickles on nerves above; petioles about 17 cm long with a few prickles; flowers 2-3 cm long, standard narrow and curved like an 8; calyx with 5 equal lobes, about 1 cm long; fruits moniliform, 3-4-segmented"  (JSTOR Global Plants, compilation for Erythrina sigmoidea; Hutchinson et al., 1954; p. 562).

Habitat/ecology:  A species of the African savanna (JStor Global Plants entry for Erythrina sigmoidea). "Open forest on temporarily flooded sand; forest patch in sandy-clayey soil on hardpan; savanna; gravelly soils along streams; to 1080-1780 m altitude"  (African Flowering Plants Database).

Propagation:  Seed

Native range:  "Senegal to N. Nigeria, and into E. Cameroun, Chad and Central African Republic." (JStor Global Plants entry for Erythrina sigmoidea)


Country/Terr./St. &
Island group
Location Cited status &
Cited as invasive &
Cited as cultivated &
Cited as aboriginal introduction?
Reference &
State of Hawaii
Hawaiian Islands
Kaua‘i Island   Bishop Museum (U.S.A. Hawaii. Honolulu.) (1987) (voucher ID: BISH 599350)
Taxon name on voucher: Erythrina sigmoidea Hua
State of Hawaii
Hawaiian Islands
O‘ahu Island introduced
Imada, Clyde T./Staples, George W./Herbst, Derral R. (2013)
Waimea Arboretum & Botanical Garden

Control:  If you know of control methods for Erythrina sigmoidea, please let us know.

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