Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk (PIER)

How to use PIER

The objective of PIER is to provide information on invasive plant species present on the Pacific islands (and species that would probably be invasive if introduced).  These species are presented in a series of lists.  The principal list includes species known to be invasive in the Pacific region (Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia and the Galapagos and Juan Fernández Islands) and plants that are known to be invasive in similar ecosytems.  This list is broken down alphabetically (particularly for Internet users with slow access) as well as by location and life form.  A list of high elevation species shows species that would be a threat only to those islands exceeding 1000 meters in elevation.  A list of common names is provided.

Species and common names are linked to a profile page for each species, such as the one for Acacia ariculiformis.  These pages include basic information about the species, its presence in the Pacific, information on how to control it (if available), risk assessment information, links to photographs (click on the thumbnail images) and additional information.  References specific to the plant profile are included.

Invasive and potentially invasive species are listed by location.  Be aware that the information in these lists is only as good as the underlying data.  See the individual species profile pages for more information.

When requested, the U.S. Forest Service has sponsored a number of surveys of Pacific island countries for invasive plant species.  Reports from these surveys describe the major species of concern found during the survey, management recommendations and tabular lists of species by location.  These reports can be viewed or downloaded for printing. 

In addition, the publications Invasive species in the Pacific: A technical review and draft regional strategy, A Toolkit of Best Prevention and Management Practices and "Guidelines for invasive species management in the Pacific: a Pacific strategy for managing pests, weeds and other invasive species" can be viewed or downloaded for printing.

New information is continually being added to PIER.  If you know of species that should be added or have suggestions for improvements, please let us know.  If you are using the CD version, check the Internet version at for the latest information.

We hope that you find PIER useful.

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This page updated 1 January 2012