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bush beardgrass

bush beardgrass/ little bluestem

Schizachyrium condensatum (Poaceae)

Bush beardgrass is a successful fire-promoter and post-fire colonizer that is threatening disturbed and open areas of the leeward sides of the Hawaiian Islands. It is an invasive clumping grass from tropical and sub-tropical America that can grow up to three feet tall with tufted seed heads. Each plant produces millions of seeds that can be spread by the wind, animals, vehicles, and people.

Major infestations occur on the Big Island, especially in the Volcano area. On Oahu it has been recently discovered in relatively low densities at several road-cuts on the town-side of the H-3 freeway, and in Temple Valley, Kahaluu.

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bush beardgrass
(Schizachyrium condensatum)

Map of bush beardgrass (Schizachyrium condensatum) distribution on Oahu (2002)

map of bush beardgrass (Schizachyrium condensatum) distribution on Oahu (2002)

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