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Hawaiian Natural Resources Monitoring Database  Downloadable Files

A product of the Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk (HEAR) Project
University of Hawaii Department of Botany/CPSU (webmaster@hear.org)
Room 409 St. John Building, 3190 Maile Way, Honolulu, HI 96822

From this page you can access current versions of Paradox forms, reports, libraries, and utility directories for the Hawaii Natural Resources Monitoring Database ("MonDB") which can be downloaded for use on your system. Revisions to important files will be announced via the HIMONDBA-L internet mailing list (for MonDB administrators).

Each set of files (e.g. reports, forms) is PKZIP'd into a single file. Download & unzip this file into an empty directory on your local system; from there, you can pick and choose among the files as needed. To download, at the "index", you'll typically right-click on the filename to save it to your local system, or left-click on the filename to have your browser handle the opening of the file (e.g. automatically execute WinZip, etc., depending on your browser's setup).


HEAR takes reasonable precautions to ensure that the files at this site are virus-free. However, it is your responsibility to protect your own system from viruses.*

If you have any questions about downloading any of these files, please do not hesitate to ask the MonDB System Coordinator.

You may download:
  • Forms
    (see also UPDATES below, not included here)

  • Reports

  • Libraries

  • Scripts

  • Utility directories

  • SAVEPDOX utility  [New!] 
    (The "SAVEPDOX" utility cleans up temp files in the event of a Paradox v.5 [or v.7] crash, so that Paradox can be restarted without having to reboot.)


  • Etc.
    • Brief installation instructions for PASSWORD.LDL for APCHULxx users:
      • make sure Paradox is CLOSED
      • download & unzip this file to a directory on your system
      • copy the appropriate* version of the .LDL file to your main APCHULxx data directory
          *e.g. "C:\Data files\Paradox\APCHULOM" [or wherever your data is stored]) (Note: presumably, any 32-bit compile [32-bit v.7 or v.8] should work with any same-or-higher 32-bit version of Paradox [v.7 for Win95; or v.8 or higher], but there is some evidence that this is not true; I haven't personally tested this. Currently, v.8 is the highest version of compile that is available [although anything above v.7/16-bit is not recommended because of difficulty of use/bugginess/instability of more recent versions]. If you find that the other 32-bit compiles don't work with v.9 or higher [this has not been tested], e-mail PT & we'll try & work something out.
      • delete (or rename, if you prefer) your existing PASSWORD.LDL in that same directory
      • rename the just-copied file to PASSWORD.LDL
      • re-open Paradox & run the _MAINMNU form; it should work now. (If not, e-mail PT.)

*Since the these files and/or their contents may be/contain executable code, there is always a slight risk of virus infection when downloading/using these files. Neither HEAR, RCUH, USGS/BRD, or any employee of any of the above accept any responsibility for your use of these files, including damage that a virus may cause. If you suspect that any of the files on this site may be infected, please contact HEAR immediately, and efforts to remedy the problem in the downloadable file(s) will be undertaken immediately. (To date, no virus has ever been detected on the system housing the HEAR master Monitoring Database.)

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