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 [New!] Monitoring Database Table Relationship Diagram and Table Descriptions

An online table relationship diagram is available for the Monitoring Database. This diagram includes "clickable" buttons which allow you to go directly to a description of the table. (A nongraphical list of tables is also available in case your browser doesn't support client-side image mapping.)

Changes/Additions to Monitoring Database documentation

Monitoring Database: Standard taxon codes

Monitoring Database: Organization codes

Monitoring Database: Proposed "unidentified species" standard

Monitoring Database: Table structure information (selected tables)

Information is available on the structures of selected tables in the Monitoring Database. Eventually, all tables' structures (as well as a data relationship diagram) will be available at this site.

Monitoring Database: User registry

Current users of the Monitoring Database (and/or other databases using the standard Taxon Codes) include:

Monitoring Database: e-mail lists

Two e-mail lists have been created to facilitate information exchange among Monitoring Database users (and others who currently or potentially use the standard Taxon Codes).

SUBSCRIBE HIMONDB-L <youremailaddress> <your name>

SUBSCRIBE HIMONDBA-L <youremailaddress> <your name>

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