Galapagos invasive species:

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Effective prevention is the key: The border control system for the Galapagos

Placing traps The Galapagos Islands are one of the most complex, diverse and unique oceanic archipelagoes in the world, which still maintain a largely unaltered ecosystem and biodiversity. This is one of the fundamental reasons why the Galapagos archipelago was declared a United Nations World Heritage Site and also a Biosphere Reserve.

Inspection teams The work of inspection and quarantine is among the most important in the world as it has the vital objective of preventing the entry and spread of potentially threatening exotic species. This is particularly essential for the Galapagos Islands where exotic species threaten the unique native and endemic biodiversity of the natural ecosystems. Effective prevention is the key to achieving the total control of invasive species throughout the province of Galapagos. It is much more cost effective to prevent the arrival of introduced species as the costs of implementing mitigating activities after their arrival can be high and continuous.

SICGAL logo The Galapagos Inspection and Quarantine System (SICGAL, for it’s Spanish name) is the integral programme of the Ecuadorian Agricultural Health Service (SESA) and has a high degree of inter-institutional coordination. Among other responsibilities, it has the principal objective of preventing the introduction of new species and organisms to the Galapagos Islands, in order to preserve their ecological integrity.

Laboratory SICGAL consists of four programmes which together comprise quarantine barrier:

To learn more about SICGAL, its legal backing, procedures and coordination mechanism, visit the web site

Source: Ecuadorian Agricultural Health Service in Galapagos (SESA Galapagos).

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