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Community Monitoring Project

It has been said that introduced species control and/or eradication efforts will be hopeless without participation and support from the community. Therefore, planning has been made to promote community monitoring on Isabela, San Cristóbal and Santa Cruz islands, and to encourage participation in pest control activities from relevant identified groups. Monitoring materials

Currently, a community monitoring process (CMP) has been initiated on Isabela Island which aims to develop a system for the early detection of the tree frog Scinax quinquefasciata, in order to avoid its further spread in the island and around the archipelago. People involved in the transport of goods or passengers by land or sea, families living around the infested ponds in the town of Puerto Villamil, farmers and staff from a number of public institutions are working in this community monitoring process. A monitors’ training process and a community monitoring manual about the tree frog have also been developed.

Community Monitoring is a participative scheme and is part of a strategy for total control of introduced species.  The scheme involves local communities, groups, grassroots organizations and the general population, in the permanent monitoring, early detection and control of introduced species.  Community Monitoring allows affected people to organise, plan and execute monitoring activities, giving a sense of responsibility to involved institutions and the population, and encouraging a sustainable system. With community participation, concerned institutions are able to save financial resources on manual contracts, materials and professional staff fees.

CMP will be extended to the different inhabited islands to ensure early detection and follow-up for new introduced species. On San Cristóbal, local farmers will monitor several species of Blackberry, Dutchman´s pipe, Citharexylum and Banana sigatoka. Methodology to be applied will be based on training the farmers and producing related information manuals. On Santa Cruz, special monitoring of the Aedes aegyptii mosquito will be done in Bellavista village.

Manuals produced for community monitoring are validated for their target audiences before use, and a selection of monitoring materials is shown in the photo.

Source: Charles Darwin Foundation and the Galapagos National Park.

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