Galapagos Invasive Species:

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This page contains current news articles regarding invasive alien species in the Galapagos Islands.

New Inter-Institutional committee...

In January 2005 the municipal government of Santa Cruz canton created the Inter-Institutional Management Committee for the for Introduced Species, IMCIS, in a local Ordinance, and at the same time reformed the Ordinance for Responsible Ownership of Domestic Animals.

As part of the implementation of this Ordinance the fourth pet sterilization campaign was carried out, with the support of Animal Balance. Summing the previous campaigns, a total of 388 animals (cats and dogs) have now been sterilized in Pto. Ayora, from a population of around 2500 animals.

In 2005 the Committee will be continuing this excellent work.

Source: Community Committee - Santa Cruz. February 2005

Biosecurity system strengthened...

In the Ordinary meeting hedl on the 21st of February 2005 the Agricultural Health and Quarantine Committee of SESA-SICGAL approved four key documents for achieving the objectives of the Environmental Management Programme for the Galapagos Islands. The documents were:

The documents will now be published in the Official Register of the Ecuador Republic, when they will become law.

The production, approval and implementation of these four documents represents a very important step in the strengthening of the inspection and quarantine system for Galapagos, "SICGAL", providing the necesary legal basis to back the biosecurity activities, being the responsibility of SESA-Galapagos.

Source: SESA-Galapagos. February 2005

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