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The total control plan

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Plan for the total control of invasive species

San CristobalThe objective of the multi-institutional project ECU/00/G31 "Invasive species in the Galapagos" is the achievement of a plan for the total control of invasive species which allows the long-term conservation on the Galapagos archipelago. The Regulation for the Total Control of Introduced Species in Galapagos, 2003, has twelve objectives which together define the concept of "total control". The total control plan forms a cross-cutting theme in the Galapagos regional plan, in which sustainable (ecological and economic) development policies are defined for the region.

In order to achieve the total control of introduced species, three strategic directions are proposed:


Risk should be managed offshore as much as possible, and effective prevention is the key to achieving total control of introduced species at the regional level. It is more cost-effective to prevent the arrival of a new species than manage it afterwards. Three barriers exist:


Activities in the strategy of reaction to the presence of established exotic species have the objective of ecosystem restoration and are guided by two principles: Actions are principally those of eradication and control, based on scientific knowledge of target and non-target species, and the impact of methods used. Targeted research is fundamental.

Strengthen regional capacity

All the activities of prevention and reaction involve various local organizations working together, and it is necessary to strengthen the regional capacity so that they can each comply with their responsibilities.

This strategy capacity includes:

The total control plan is currently in the process of elaboration, and is in the consultation phase. A summary of the draft total control plan is available in pdf.

Source: Charles Darwin Foundation

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