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The Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk (HEAR)

HEAR Climatic Model - Alien Species Potential Distribution Prediction - Risk Assessment System


The Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project (HEAR) announces the availablility of a prototype system which may be used to attempt to predict the potential distribution of particular alien species in Hawaii based on a climate modelling approach. The model also allows risk assessment RE: impacts of particular alien species on the major ecological systems that these species may impact (based on their predicted potential distributions).

System documentation

Climate model description  PDF icon
This document describes a set of prototype tools and procedures that have been developed by Robert Teytaud (former HEAR project leader) for climatic modeling of the potential distributions of alien plants in Hawaii. These tools also provide the means for assessing the relative risks posed to the major ecological systems of these islands by a group of "high-priority" alien plant species.

Data & templates

It is planned that data from the HEAR Climatic Model will be online eventually. The model is in prototype stage at this point, and the data available is preliminary. If you are interested in working with the system in this condition to help validate and improve it, the data & templates may be made available to you. Send an e-mail inquiry to pt@hear.org.

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