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Some documents listed in the HEAR bibliography have been completely indexed by species mentioned in the text of the document. If the page for a particular document states that it is not fully indexed by species, it still may be partially indexed by species on the HEAR bibliography site, but if the page states that the document IS fully indexed, it means that we believe the document HAS been fully indexed by species (based usually on species listed in the document's index).* Note that synonyms listed in a document may NOT be included in the indexing (and that the names in the document might not be current names by today's standards).

(*At this point, there may be some caveats attached to specific documents, e.g., some documents may have been "fully indexed" using an automated process we've developed, but have NOT YET been manually checked for completeness/errors. We hope to eventually ensure that all documents listed here have been manually checked [and/or these caveats documented on this page on a per-document basis. Meanwhile, if you have specific questions about this, please contact request specific information from HEAR.)

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