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Impacts of invasive ants on Hawaiian ecosystems are profound. Invasive ants appear to be among the most potent forces threatening Hawaii's native arthropods. Several introduced ant species also have significant impacts on Hawaii's native birds and native plants. As in many other locales, introduced ants have also become pests of Hawaii's agriculture and human settlements.

Research articles

The ecology, policy, and management of ants in Hawaii
Krushelnycky, Loope, and Reimer (2005)
This paper gives a comprehensive overview of the problems caused by invasive ants on Hawaiian ecosystems and the efforts used to manage or prevent destructive ant invasions.

Impacts of Alien Land Arthropods and Mollusks On Native Plants and Animals in Hawaii
Howarth (1985)
This article is part of the book "Hawaii's Terrestrial Ecosystesms: Preservation and Management" (proceedings of a symposium held June 5-6, 1984 at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.)

The Causes and Consequenses of Ant Invasions
Holway, Lach, Suarez, Tsutsui, and Case (2002)
This paper documents the ecological destruction of both continental and island ecosystems by invasions of non-native ants.

Effects of the Argentine ant on arthropod fauna of Hawaiian high-elevation shrubland
Cole, Medeiros, Loope, and Zuehlke (1992)
The Argentine ant (Iridomyrmex humilis) has become established in portions of the high-elevation shrubland of Haleakala National Park, Maui, Hawaii, over the past 25 years. This ecosystem lacks native ants but possesses many locally endemic and rare anthropod species. Pitfall trapping and under-rock surveys were conducted to determine the effects of the Argentine ant on the local arthropod fauna.

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Other websites

Antweb: Hawaii ants
Information on the problem of ants in Hawaii--including excellent images and printable field guides about many of the species found in Hawaii--is found on the Antweb website (hosted by the California Academy of Sciences).

Introduced species in Hawaii: ants
An overview of the issues related to ants in Hawaii is provided as part of a senior seminar student project (Earlham College; Richmond, Indiana).

Fire ants: the invasion of the USA
An overview of the history and impact of the introduction red imported fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) in the United States is presented as part of a curriculum at Windaloo Valley High School (Queensland, Australia). (Note that as of this writing (May 2007), red imported fire ants are not known to be established in Hawaii, but the species is an threat to the state.)

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