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Species list of ants established in Hawaii
For each species on HEAR's list of ant species established in Hawaii, information is included about species distribution in Hawaii; date of first establishment in Hawaii; common names; and origins.

Ants to prevent entering Hawaii

Ant images

Identification keys for ant species in Hawaii

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Research articles

Two ant species (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) new to the Hawaiian Islands
Gruner 2003
New records of two ant species--Pheidole moerens and an unidentified species of Solenopsis--are reported from Hawaii in 2001.

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Hawaii ant species websites

Hawaii ants on AntWeb (taxonomy)
Excellent images and printable field guides are available from AntWeb for many ant species found in Hawaii.

Ants of Hawaii: photos and identification resources
This comprehensive list of ants in Hawaii contains links to images for each species.

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Other ant websites

AntWeb provides tools for exploring the diversity and identification of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). These tools have been developed to encourage the study of ants, to facilitate the use of ants in inventory and monitoring programs, and to provide ant taxonomists with access to images of type specimens. Currently, AntWeb contains global coverage of all ant genera, with more detailed information available for certain geographic areas. Antweb is hosted by the California Academy of Sciences.

Antbase is a collaborative effort between scientists from around the world, aiming at providing the best possible access to the wealth of information on ants, one of the ecologically most important groups of animals worldwide. Antbase is being built and maintained at the American Museum of Natural History (Donat Agosti) and the Ohio State University (Norman F. Johnson).

Formicidae: identification guides
Pictoral identification guides for ants from all over the world are available from Discover Life.

Ant image database
Several ant image databases are available via this gateway page presented by the Japanese Ant Database Group.

Australian Ants Online
Australian Ants Online is a guide to the Australian ant fauna, and includes a set of identification keys, information on ant life cycles, a glossary of terms, specimen preparation information.

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The Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project (HEAR) is currently funded by grants from the Hau'oli Mau Loa Foundation and the U.S. Forest Service with support from PCSU (UH Manoa). Historically, HEAR has also received funding and/or support from the Pacific Basin Information Node (PBIN) of the National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII), PIERC (USGS), the USFWS, HCSU (UH Hilo), and HALE (NPS).

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