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Hawaii ant websites

  • Hawaii Ant Group

    The Hawaii Ant Group (HAG) is dedicated to the better understanding of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and their impacts in Hawaii.
  • Antweb: Hawaii ants

    Information on the problem of ants in Hawaii--including excellent images and printable field guides about many of the species found in Hawaii--is found in the Hawaii section of the Antweb website (hosted by the California Academy of Sciences).
  • AntWatch Hawaii

    AntWatch Hawaii is a long-term effort to monitor the Hawaiian Islands for alien ant species and provide an early-warning network for newly-introduced species. The AntWatch website "hosts all of the information you will need to learn more about ants in Hawaii, including ways to study and identify them, map their locations, and submit to data to experts with the tools to do something about them." AntWatch relies on participating schools, teachers, and students to collect locational information about ants. This information is transmitted to and analyzed by specialists in research management agencies.
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Important ant sites worldwide

  • Antbase

    Antbase, together with the Hymenoptera On-line Database, is the data provider for ants to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System, ITIS.
  • Japanese Ant Database Group

    Image databases from Japan, Australia, and London, plus an "encyclopedia" of ants and a useful introduction to Myrmecology are included in this conglomeration of ant sites.
  • Links to ant-related web sites

    The Iziko Museum of South Africa has put together this excellent list of links to ant sites covering a range of topics and researchers.
  • Living with ants and the science of E.O. Wilson

    This online version of an ant exhibition at the Museum of Comparative Zoology is from Harvard University Museums of Natural History (1996-1997).
  • Myrmecology: The scientific study of ants

    This ant "portal" contains entomology and myrmecology related information, pictures, and programs.
  • Australian ants online

    Here you'll find everything you need to know about ants in Australia including a set of identification keys, info on lifecycles, and much more.
  • Ants Management Guidelines--UC IPM

    This page from the University of California has information on identification, habits, and management for various ant species in California.
  • Antweb

    AntWeb, a product of the California Academy of Sciences, "provides tools for exploring the diversity and identification of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)."
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Ant bibliographies

  • Hawaiian ant bibliography

    This bibliography on the topic of ants in Hawaii compiled by G.M. Nishida (May 2000) includes references to original descriptions of resident ant species in Hawaii.
  • Terrence Glynn publications

    A bibliography of peer-reviewed articles by Terrence Glynn (U. San Diego) related to ants in tropical settings is available online.
  • Andrew V. Suarez publications

    A bibliography of articles--many peer-reviewed--by Andrew V. Suarez (U. Illinois) is available online and includes many articles are related to invasive ants (including the Argentine ant). Most articles are available as full-text online documents.
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