Hawaii Natural Resources Monitoring Database

"Version 2"

Proposed /changes enhancements

A product of the Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk (HEAR) Project
University of Hawaii Department of Botany/CPSU (webmaster@hear.org)
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Proposed changes/enhancements for version 2 of the Monitoring Database

Following is a list of brief descriptions of each of the proposed changes/enhancements to be included in "version 2" of the Monitoring Database (more technical detailed descriptions follow in the next section).

Please feel free to suggest additional enhancements during the Monitoring Database Adminstrators' Workshop or afterwards; after the workshop, please submit suggestions in writing (preferably via e-mail) to the Monitoring Database System Designer/Coordinator at the Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project). This is your chance to get your input heard!! PLEASE take advantage of it!!

Details of proposed Monitoring Database version 2 changes/enhancements

Following is a list of the more technical details of the above-summarized proposed changes/enhancements for version 2 of the Monitoring Database.

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