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Hawaii Natural Resources Monitoring Database Administrators' Workshop

Nov. 24-26, 1997

Sponsored by the Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk Project

A product of the Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk (HEAR) Project
University of Hawaii Department of Botany/CPSU (webmaster@hear.org)
Room 409 St. John Building, 3190 Maile Way, Honolulu, HI 96822

1997 Hawaii Natural Resources Monitoring Database Administrators' Workshop

This page is dedicated to disseminating information about the 1997 Hawaii Natural Resources Monitoring Database Administrators' Workshop, including workshop materials. Workshop participants are encouraged to review this material before the workshop in order to be able to make more efficient use of workshop time.

The 1997 Monitoring Database Adminstrators' workshop (sponsored by the Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project) is being conducted to help Monitoring Database Administrators become more familiar with using the Monitoring Database, with the goal of allowing each administrator to be more effective in filling his/her role as primary support contact for the Monitoring Database within his/her respective organization.

This goal will be achieved by hands-on experience introducing administrators to the basic functionality of Paradox for Windows; details of the Monitoring Database table structure; underlying concepts upon which the Monitoring Database was designed; and the mechanics of working with the Monitoring Database.

Additionally, this workshop will be the primary forum for submission and discussion of suggestions for "version 2" of the Monitoring Database.

This workshop is not designed to teach attendees to be database designers or programmers. Hopefully, however, attendees will be more comfortable with using the Monitoring Database (as well as Paradox for Windows and relational database systems in general) after the workshop.

Venue, Dates, & Times

The HEAR-sponsored 1997 Monitoring Database Administators' Workshop will be held Nov. 24-26 at the Haleakala Conservation Biology Field Station (Halekala National Park, Maui) (accommodations available; inquire). The workshop will be in session from 9:00am-5:00pm daily. It is planned to cover the bulk of basic information in the first two days, with the&third day being reserved for tutorial help, additional hands-on work on special topics, and discussion.

Details of meal planning, etc. will be available on this site "soon."


Until the date of the workshop, these documents are "works in progress" and, as such, should be considered in "draft" form. However, in order to provide you with the greatest amount of information at the earliest date, I'll post daily progress here.

Future postings

This page will soon contain more information about the 1997 Hawaiian Natural Resources Monitoring Database Administrators' Workshop, including:

Until this info is posted--or if you have any questions about posted materials--please do not hesitate to contact me (Philip Thomas) at the Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project.

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