Information Index for Selected Alien Vertebrates in Hawaii

A product of the Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project (HEAR)

This is an index of information available about selected alien (non-native) vertebrates (animals with backbones) in Hawaii. (Information indexes for other organism groups are also available.)

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Alectoris chukar (Phasianidae) - chukar

Amandava amandava (Estrildidae) - red avadavat

Amphilophus citrinellum (Cichlidae) - Midas cichlid

Amphilophus labiatum (Cichlidae) - red devil

Ancistrus cf. temmincki (family=??) - birstlenose catfish, bearded catfish

Anolis carolinensis ssp. porcatus (Iguanidae) - anole, "American chameleon"

Anolis sagrei (Iguanidae) - brown anole

Antilocapra americana ssp. americana (Antilocapridae) - pronghorn

Aratinga mitrata - Mitred conure (mitred parakeet)

Archocentrus nigrofasciatus (Cichlidae) - convict cichlid

Astronotus ocellatus (Cichlidae) - oscar

Axis axis [Cervidae: Cervinae] - Axis deer

axis deer (Axis axis)

Boiga irregularis - Brown tree snake

brown tree snake

Bos taurus (Bovidae) - cow

Bubulcus ibis (Ardeidae) - cattle egret

Bufo marinus (family=??) - giant toad, marine toad, cane toad, poloka

Callipepla californica (Phasianidae) - California quail, California partridge, Catalina quail, valley quail

Callipepla gambelii (Phasianidae) - Gambel's quail

Capra hircus (Bovidae) - goat

Carassius auratus (family=??) - goldfish, funa, i'a 'ula'ula


Cettia diphone (Muscicapidae) - thrush

Chamaeleo calyptratus [Chamaeleonidae] - veiled chameleon

Chamaeleo jacksonii [Chamaeleonidae] - Jackson's chameleon

Jackdon's chameleon (Chameleo jacksonii)
Photo by Philip A. Thomas
Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project (HEAR)

Channa striata (family=??) - chevron snakehead, pongee, i'a pake

Chrysemys scripta elegans (family=??) - red-eared slider

Cichla ocellaris (family=??) - tucunare, peacock bass

Cichlasoma spilurus (formerly aka Cichlasoma cutteri) (family=) - cichlid

Clarias fuscus (family=??) - Chinese catfish, puntat, 'o'opu kui

Collocalia bartschi (Apodidae) - woodpecker

Columba livia (Columbidae) - rock dove, feral rock pigeon

Copsychus malabaricus (Muscicapidae) - white-rumped shama

Corydoras aeneus (family=??) - bronze catfish, cory

Cyprinus carpio (family=??) - carp, koi

Dorosoma petenense (family=??) - threadfin shad

Eleutherodactylus coqui, Eleutherodactylus planirostris (Leptodactylidae) - Caribbean frogs

Caribbean frog (Eleutherodactylus coqui)
Photo by Allen Allison
Hawaii Biological Survey

Equus asinus (Equidae) - donkey

Equus caballus ssp. caballus (Equidae) - horse

Estrilda astrild (Estrildidae) - common waxbill

Estrilda caerulescens (Estrildidae) - lavendar waxbill

Estrilda melpoda (Estrildidae) - orange cheek waxbill

Estrilda troglodytes (Estrildidae) - black-rumped waxbill

Felis silvestris (Felidae) - feral cat

Francolinus francolinus (Phasianidae) - black francolin

Francolinus pondicerianus (Phasianidae) - gray francolin

Gallus gallus (Phasianidae) - chicken

Gambusia affinis (family=?) - mosquitofish

Garrulax caerulescens (Muscicapidae) - (?thrush)

Garrulax canorus (Muscicapidae) - melodious laughing thrush

Garrulax pectoralis (Muscicapidae) - greater necklaced laughing thrush

Hemichromis elongatus (Cichlidae) - banded jewel cichlid, five spot

Herpestes auropunctatus [a.k.a. Herpestes javanicus] (Viverridae) - Indian mongoose

  • For further info:
    • Baldwin, P. H., C.W. Schwartz and E. R. Schwartz, 1952. Life History and Economic Status of the Mongoose in Hawaii. In Journal of Mammalogy, August, 1952. 33(3): 335-356.
    • Hinton, H. E. and A. M. S. Dunn, 1967. Mongooses: Their Natural History and Behaviour. Oliver and Boyd Ltd, London.
    • State of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Game, 1968. The Mongoose.
bird attacked and killed by mongoose
Mongoose damage  
to red-footed booby
(J.H. Berger photo)

Hypostomus cf. watwata (family=??) - suckermouth catfish, armored catfish, plecostomus

Hypsophrys nicaraguensis (Cichlidae) - Nicaragua cichlid

Ictalurus punctatus (family=??) - channel catfish

Leiothrix lutea (Muscicapidae) - red-billed leothrix

Lepomis cyanellus (family=??) - ??

Lepomis macrochirus (family=??) - bluegill

Limia vittata (family=??) - Cuban molly, Cuban topminnow, tabai

Liposarcus multiradiatus (family=??) - long-fin armored catfish

Melanochromis johannii (Cichlidae) - johanni cichlid

Meleagris gallopavo (Phasianidae) - wild turkey

Micropterus dolomieui (family=??) - smallmouth bass

Micropterus salmoides (family=??) - largemouth bass, black bass

Misgurnus anguillicaudatus (family=??) - dojo, weather loach, Oriental weatherfish

Monopterus albus (family=??) - rice paddy eel, swamp eel

Mugilogobius cavifrons (family=??) - mangrove goby

Odocoileus hemionus ssp. columbianus (Cervidae) - black-tailed deer

Omobranchus ferox (family=??) - fang-toothed blenny

Oncorhynchus mykiss (family=??) - rainbow trout

Oreochromis spp. (Cichlidae) - tilapia

Oreochromis macrochir (Cichlidae) - tilapia

Oreochromis mossambicus (Cichlidae) - tilapia

Oryctolagus cuniculus ssp. cuniculus (Leporidae) - European rabbit

Ovis aries (Bovidae) - sheep

Ovis musimon (Bovidae) - mouflon

Padda oryzivora (Estrildidae) - Java sparrow, Java finch

Palea steindachneri (family=??) - wattle-necked softshell turtle

Parachromis managuensis (Cichlidae) - jaguar cichlid

Parrots/psittacine birds

Pelodiscus sinensis (family=??) - Chinese softshell turtle

Pelvicachromis pulcher (family=??) - cichlid

Petrogale penicillata (Macropodidae) - brush-tailed rock wallaby

Phasianus colchicus ssp. torquatus (Phasianidae) - ring-necked pheasant

Phasianus colchicus ssp. versicolor (Phasianidae) - ring-necked pheasant

Phelsuma madagascariensis (Geckonidae) (day gecko)

Poecilia latipinna (family=??) - sailfin molly, tabai

Poecilia reticulata (family=?) - guppy, rainbow fish, millions fish

Poecilia sp. hybrid complex (savlatoris/mexicana group) (family=??) - liberty molly, Mexican molly, tabai

Psittacula krameri (Psittacidae) - rose-ringed parakeet

Pterocles exustus (Psittacidae) - chestnut-bellied sandgrouse

Puntius semifasciolatus (family=??) - barb

Puntius filmantosus (family=??) - barb

Pycnonotus cafer (Pycnonotidae) - red-vented bulbul

Pycnonotus jocosus (Pycnonotidae) - red-whiskered bulbul

  • HEAR info:
    • Distribution on main Hawaiian islands
red-whiskered bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus)

Rana catesbeiana (family=??) - bullfrog, poloka iana

Rana rugosa (Ranidae) - wrinkled frog

Rattus exulans ssp. hawaiiensis (Muridae) - Polynesian rat

Rattus norvegicus ssp. norvegicus (Muridae) - brown rat

Rattus rattus ssp. rattus (Muridae) - black rat

Reptiles (general)

Ramphotyphlops braminus (Typhlopidae) - blind snake

  • HEAR info:
    • Distribution on main Hawaiian islands
      • Kauai
      • Oahu
      • Molokai
      • Lanai
      • Maui
      • Big Island (Hawaii)

Sarotherodon spp. (Cichlidae) - tilapia

Sarotherodon melanotheron (Cichlidae) - tilapia

Serinus mozambicus (Fringillidae) - yellow-eyed canary

Sicalis flaveola (Emberizidae) - saffron finch

Sturnella neglecta (Emberizidae) - western meadowlark

Sus scrofa (?family) - feral pig

Thorichthys meeki (Cichlidae) - firemouth

Tilapia spp. (Cichlidae) - tilapia

Tilapia melanopleura (Cichlidae) - tilapia

Tilapia zillii (Cichlidae) - tilapia

Trachemys scripta ssp. elegans (Emydidae) - slider (turtle)

Turtles (general)

Uraeginthus bengalus (Estrildidae) - red-cheeked cordon-bleu

Xenentodon cancila (family=??) - stickfish, silver needlefish

Xiphophorus helleri (family=??) - green swordtail

Xiphophorus maculatus (family=??) - moon fish, platy, southern platyfish

Zenaida macroura (Columbidae) - mourning dove

Selected references

Yamamoto, Mike N. & Annette W. Tagawa. 2000. Hawaii's native & exotic freshwater animals. Mutual Publishing ( Honolulu. 200 pp. illustr. (ISBN: 1-56647-342-X). (Unfortunately, there is no way at this time to meaningfully link directly to information about that book title on the publisher's website.)

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